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June 14-17, 2021

Calgary, AB


June 26-27, 2021

Red Deer, AB


EDC Covid-19 Update





May 14, 2020

Dear Studio Directors, Administrators, Educators, Participants & Parents/Guardians,

We hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and trying to remain positive during these uncertain times.

Extreme Dance Challenge Inc. has tried to be transparent, understanding, honest and reasonable in our continued communication since March 13, 2020. We have presented many options and first introduced a credit/refund policy in an email sent April 9, 2020.

EDC provided the May 1st update which indicated the competition date may change to October 2020. This change was done as a direct result of the the general responses and feedback we received from studios in April, as well as the Alberta Government’s restrictions on all large gatherings and events over fifteen people. From those comments, EDC thought it had come up with the fairest and most reasonable option for everyone.

After our update sent May 1, 2020, we received an overwhelming amount of displeasure and even threats regarding the October dates and the credit/refund option. We have since spoken with our attorney and have decided to change the course of Extreme Dance Challenge’s 2020 season.

We are all in unprecedented times and no one could have predicted the COVID-19 Pandemic and that the Alberta and Federal Governments would mandate business closures and cancel all events and large gatherings for the unforeseen future. With this being a fluid situation, there is still so much uncertainty as to when dance studios will be approved to open and when large events will be approved to proceed by the Alberta Government.

With the advice of our attorney, our previous options are no longer on the table and the following is the course of action that we are taking:

  • The 2020 Extreme Dance Challenge season has been officially postponed to 2021.
  • EDC Calgary will be postponed to April 29 – May 2, 2021.
  • EDC Red Deer will be postponed to May 7 – 9, 2021.
  • A 100% credit of funds paid, will be issued to studios registered in Extreme Dance Challenge’s 2020 season, which must be used during Extreme Dance Challenge’s 2021 season.
  • Graduating seniors will receive a refund, minus a $15 fee for soloists and each dancer in a duo or trio and a $10 fee for dancers in a small group, large group, line or production.
  • Along with this refund, graduating seniors will receive a tangible item, a custom-made adjudication trophy for solo’s and duo/trio’s and a custom made medal and neck ribbon for groups, lines and productions. Awards will be mailed to studios.

It should be noted that when you completed your registration with Extreme Dance Challenge Inc., it states EDC’s refund policy, “no refunds or credits will be provided to any entry cancelling for any reason” and “reserves the right to change, cancel or substitute dates, locations, schedules without penalty or compensation”. You were required to click and approve, “I agree to the rules and policies of Extreme Dance Challenge Inc.” before finalizing your registration.

It was suggested to us by a studio owner that we inquire on business support/loans from the Government. We thank you for this suggestion, but EDC is a small family owned business that only hires contract employees, therefore we do not qualify for any Government relief/loans/grants related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the guidance of our attorney this will be the final decision and update for Extreme Dance Challenge’s 2020 season. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the studios who were still on board with attending an October 2020 event or had no issues with our previous credit/refund offer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will prepare every studio’s full credit amount and send them to you. It will be the responsibility of each studio to re-register for the 2021 season when registration opens this fall.

We will also send studios a list of what appears to be your graduating seniors from their date of birth provided during registration. We ask that you please confirm this list upon receiving. Once the confirmation has been received, studios with graduating seniors will receive the refunds and will be responsible for distributing the refunds to the graduating seniors as applicable. Graduating seniors are asked to follow up with their studios directly if there is any issue.

We hope you are able to get back into your studios, sooner than later, and can begin working with your dancers in person again.

We thank you for your continued support.

Take care, be safe,
Tanis & Nick

Owners, Extreme Dance Challenge Inc.

group dance number - Extreme Dance Challenge
group dance number - Extreme Dance Challenge
dancer competition group

photography by Seidel Studios




Small Group (4-9 performers)

Large Group (10-15 performers)

Line (16 or more performers)

Production (20 or more performers)

Each solo entry will receive a corresponding custom made adjudicated trophy. Each member in a duo/trio will receive a corresponding custom made adjudicated trophy. Each member in a small group, large group, line or production will receive a corresponding custom made medal.












and below



Judges’ scores are based on Technique (1-25 points), Style and Execution (1-25 points), Showmanship/Performance Quality (1-25 points), Choreography (1-10 points), Degree of Difficulty (1-5 points), Costume (1-5 points), and Age Appropriate Performance (1-5 points) for a maximum possible 100 points. A final adjudicated score will be determined by averaging of all three judges’ scores. Video/audio critiques will be recorded by each individual judge through-out the entire event. Critiques and digital scores will be available on each studio’s Dashboard via EDC’s registration page no later than the Tuesday following the final evening of competition.


Extreme, Cutting Edge and Breakthrough levels compete and are awarded separately for overall lineups (except for High Point, Category Cups, Overall Entertainer and Photogenic awards listed below). You should therefore give very careful consideration in choosing your level of competition and making sure each routine qualifies accordingly per definitions below. Also, you are encouraged to check your entry confirmation carefully as routines will not be allowed to change competition level once the event has started, except in the case of a definition violation as ruled by Extreme Dance Challenge management. The same overall lineups are offered, no matter the level or age competing.

overall entertainer

Open to Solo routines only and adjudicated during performance. Winners are selected based on entertainment value and overall presentation. Mini (10 & under), Junior (11-12), Teen (13-15) and Senior (16-19). Overall Entertainer winners for each age division receive a custom made plaque, cash prize and t-shirt. Overall Entertainer winners will also be recognized on EDC’s website and listed in future EDC programs for the following competition season. Adult performers are not eligible for this award.


All Overall Entertainer and Photogenic entries MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED online as they are not accepted at the door.


Those performers who have pre-registered for the photogenic contest should submit a 8 x 10, color or black & white photo on day of competition (PLEASE DO NOT MAIL OR EMAIL). Open to all performers registered in EDC, (photos of individuals only, no group shots accepted). Photogenic winners receive a custom made plaque and cash prize, which will be presented during the solo awards session for their age division. Photogenic winners will also have their photo displayed on the EDC website and in future EDC programs for the following competition season. Photo(s) will only be returned with score sheets following awards presentations or at the end of the event. Extreme Dance Challenge assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost or unclaimed photos. Unclaimed photos will not be mailed.

extreme level

Top level of competition with the largest cash awards. Open to all. Note that all routines with an average age of 6 or younger will automatically compete at this level given that leveling of students at this young age is unnecessary. All Adult routines and Productions will also automatically compete at this level.

cutting edge level

Open to routines ages 7 to 19 where 60% of the dancers have 6 years or less of studio/performance experience of any kind, OR where 60% of the dancers regularly receive 3 to 6 hours of studio instruction per week. This level is designed for your recreational and/or new to competition dancer. Adult routines and Productions are not eligible to compete at the Cutting Edge Level.

breakthrough level

Open to routines ages 7 to 19 where ALL members have 2 years or less of studio/performance experience of any kind, OR where ALL members regularly receive 2 to 3 hours or less studio instruction per week. This level is designed for your novice dancer. Adult routines and Productions are not eligible to compete at the Breakthrough Level.


Acro/GymnasticsBalletCharacter Ballet
Contemporary • Hip HopJazzLyricalModern • Musical Theatre
OpenPointeSong & DanceStudent ChoreographyTap

Routines must be dominant to the category. Productions generally include performance in a combination of categories. Headset microphones are not available and use of personal sound equipment of any kind is prohibited. Although performers may generally enter as many different competition categories as desired with different routines, no Solo performer may compete against himself or herself within the same competition category. There is a limit of four (4) gymnastic passes in all categories except Acro/Gymnastics, Open and Production. Lifts are permitted in all categories. A deduction of 3 points will be taken on entries that exceed four (4) gymnastic passes (acro/gymnastics, open and production entries will not qualify for this deduction).


6 & Younger
20 & Older

These are the minimum age breakdowns for Breakthrough, Cutting Edge and Extreme levels. Depending on entries, we will include additional breakdown in age divisions to include additional age categories.


Soloist age category and division is determined by age as of JANUARY 1. Duo, Trio and Group age categories and divisions are determined by averaging ages of all routine members as of JANUARY 1. Decimal points in all averages are dropped (thereby rounding down in all cases). Any routine which includes the performance of a studio instructor who regularly teaches three (3) or more paid hours per week will be placed in the 20 & Older category regardless of average age.


Solos, Duo/Trios, and Small Groups — 3 minutes
Large Groups — 4 minutes. Lines — 5 minutes
Productions — 15 minutes maximum.

A deduction of 3 points will be taken for each 30 seconds over time limit. EDC can accommodate a longer routine (no more than 45 seconds extra), only if notified at the time of registration.


Top 1 to Top 10 finishers by age division and level will receive custom made plaques (amount of placements is dependent on the number of entries per adjudication session). Overall lineups for every level and age will be awarded. Each soloist and dancer in a duo/trio will receive a corresponding custom made plaque. Each member in a small group, large group, line or production will receive a corresponding custom made ribbon. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top scoring entry per overall lineup where five (5) or more entries of the same level/age are competing. Soloists can place only one routine in a lineup, however 2 or more solo performances automatically qualify the performer for High Point award consideration (see High Point below).



Category Cups will be presented to the highest scoring routines within each adjudication session where three (3) or more routines compete within the same category/discipline. All competition levels are combined for these awards. Winners receive a trophy. 


Automatic entry for those Solo performers entering 2 or more Solo routines. Top 2 individual scores are averaged to determine winner. High Point age categories typically include 10 & younger, 11-12, 13-15 and 16-19 lineups. Adult performers are not eligible. All competition levels are combined for High Point awards. Winners receive a custom made plaque and cash prize.


Automatic entry for all routines. Winners receive a custom made plaque and special recognition. One choreography award will be presented during each adjudication session.


Automatic entry for all routines. Winners receive a custom made plaque and special recognition. One choreography award will be presented during each adjudication session.


Additional special awards and scholarships will be chosen by the adjudicators and awarded to selected entries during each adjudication session.


There will be a welcome package for each studio that includes a small gift. This package should be picked up from the merchandise table by either the studio director or a studio representative upon arrival to the event. EDC staff will also present prizes to dancers prior to each adjudication session.

New for 2020


The highest scoring routine for each particular day will receive a custom made plaque, cash prize and special recognition. This award will be presented at the last adjudication session during each day of an event.


The studio demonstrating the most studio spirit and camaraderie to fellow studios during the entire event will receive a custom made plaque and special recognition. This award will be presented following the Dance Off.


Studios with entries registered in each level will have their scores for that specific level averaged together. The studio with the highest scoring Breakthrough Level entries, highest scoring Cutting Edge Level entries and highest scoring Extreme Level entries will each receive a custom made plaque, cash prize and special recognition. These awards will be presented following the Dance Off.


The top 3 scores in solos, duo/trio’s and groups/lines for both the Cutting Edge Level and Extreme Level will qualify to re-dance during the Dance Off on the final evening of the competition. Overall scoring will be updated and posted next to the merchandise table and on EDC’s social media following each adjudication session during the event. The qualifying routines will re-dance for 3 overall placements in both the Extreme and Cutting Edge Levels. After the qualifying dances have re-danced in the Dance Off, the top 3 routines in each level will be awarded a cash prize and an award. Cash prizes will be dependent on the number of entries received in the competition. One studio per category (solos, duo/trio’s and groups/lines), per level will qualify for the Dance Off. Ties are honored.


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